When it is time to service your Ford, you need a professional to handle it. Do not take chances! If you could trust Midway Ford Miami to get you that Ford, why not trust us with its service, repair, and maintenance?

Our Ford-trained technicians are ready to service your car, truck, or SUV. The firm that designed and produced your vehicle developed their training, meaning you can get genuine parts, tools, and technicians on hand to ensure your work is completed correctly every time.

Maintaining Your Ford

Your ford vehicle requires regular maintenance and servicing. Frequent oil changes, fluid checks or flushes, and tune-ups can significantly improve your vehicle's performance and reliability while also extending its life.

Failure to properly service your car can lead to higher repair expenses and a decrease in its value when you decide to sell. We offer all the services your Ford needs to keep its performance as good as new, including a free car wash.


Oil Change

For oil-change schedules on today's Ford vehicles at 3,000 miles or more, you need to consult your vehicle's manual for the proper maintenance plan interval.

When you come for an oil change at Midway Ford Miami, you'll get an all-inclusive and pocket-friendly complete vehicle check-up consisting of:

     Synthetic mix oil change

     Tire rotation and pressure check

     Brake inspection

     Multi-point examination

     Fluid top-off

     Battery test

     Inspections of your filter, belts, and hoses

Fluid Levels

You need to check the fluid levels of your Ford often. We help you top up all your fluids within a few minutes:




     Power steering

     Windshield washer

     Brake fluid

Whenever necessity calls, we help you flush and replace fluids. When these fluids get very low, old, or rusted, it will result in catastrophic damage to your Ford.



It would be best to replace your vehicle's filters every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. We inspect the following filters during a routine oil change to determine the ones to change.

     Engine air filter

     Oil filter

     Fuel filter

     Cabin air filter

Spark Plugs

It would help if you replaced your car's spark plugs every 100 thousand miles. Spark plugs replacement is a little more complex than a simple oil change. Your car's year, make, and model will determine the time and cost.


Belts and Hoses

Servicing belts and hoses are crucial to the performance of your vehicle. The rubber in belts ages and becomes brittle, causing them to split. When a belt's outer edge begins to wear, it's time to replace it.

The coolant hits around 200 degrees; therefore, the hoses that transport it are critical. Belt or hose failure can result in power steering loss, an electrical charging system failure, or an overheated engine.

We check your hoses for these problems and replace them if we discover any issues.

     Softness and swelling




     Heat damage



Routine inspection of your brakes can help you save time and money because you will notice problems early. If you delay fixing the brake problems, the costs can increase significantly.

Our specialists check rough areas, warping, and damage. Then they resurface or replace if they are damaged or distorted. They also inspect rubber hoses to ensure they are soft and free of cracks and look for corrosion and leaks in the hard metal brake lines. 



Due to the technological advancement in vehicles, it's crucial to make sure your battery is performing at its best. We are a dealership that knows what battery is required for your car and can assist you in navigating every procedure.



You should evaluate your Ford tires regularly to maintain the recommended PSI and tread levels. Tires should also be rotated after 6,000 miles to ensure that they wear evenly.

Our professionals check for objects lodged in the tires and dangerous bulges and bent rims caused by potholes or other road dangers.


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